Kellie Kinsman

It’s my mission to help take a closer look and re-imagine beauty. I want o celebrate the passion pursuit of dreams by promoting health and strength in mind and body.

I wrote that when I was 16 and have become more and more committed to his since then. I’ve always been active, my sports in high school included cheerleading and track. I was a three time state champion in the 100 meter hurdles, while also competing at the state tournament for all four years of high school. Lifting weights improved my overall ability as an athlete and inspired me to help others by becoming a personal trainer

Wendy Levra

My Journey in fitness began about 19 years ago when I met my husband Vince. He was a passionate bodybuilder who would not miss a day in the gym. In order to spend more time with him, I started going with him. I quickly became hooked! Since then, I have explored many different training regimes including pilates, weightlifting, and agility work. Eventually, life as a full time mother, wife, college student, and work got in the way and I put my health on the back burner.  2 years and 20 pounds later I found Golds Gym. I met the most supportive and encouraging staff and members and eventually became certified in Les Mills Grit and Body Pump. This is where I found my true passion. This led me to pursue my personal training career further and become certified through the National Academy of Sports Medicine. I love helping people and seeing their progress both mentally and physically. It’s amazing the difference fitness can make in a persons life.

Working around such amazing women everyday made me want to strive to be better. I recently competed in my first NPC bodybuilding competition in the Physique division, placing 2nd in open class. Though I look forward to competing again, the most important thing I could accomplish is to inspire others as much as the women around me have inspired me.

Kelsie Jensen

Kelsie started working out and getting into fitness in 2003. She has always led a healthy and active lifestyle that involves hunting, hiking, and coaching sports at a high school level. She enjoyed the atmosphere at Empower Fitness she made the choice to become a part of the family to get her foot in the door for a possible training position as well to push her fitness goals to the next level.  She is currently studying (NASM) for her personal training certificate, as well as shadows the other trainers.

Kelsie loves getting to know the members and watching them better on a daily basis.  She can’t wait to help you on your new fitness journey

Kelcey Myers

Kelcey Myers is a passionate health and fitness professional serving all the Elko area for one on one training sessions and as as online coaching. She is certified through NSAM and precision nutrition coaching. She strives to continually build her knowledge to better help her clients. She has experience with a wide variety of clients and specializes in weight loss, strength training, sports performance and nutrition coaching. She has competed in NPC women’s physique division and can’t wait to grace the stage once again. She currently enjoys strength training, functional fitness, cycling and hiking.

Mindy Watson

My name is Mindy Watson. I’ve been a personal trainer for 12 years now. I am also an registered nurse and have several years in the emergency room and dialysis. Health and fitness is my major passion and I firmly believe in being heathy from the inside and out.

After getting married and having our 1st child, I gained over 100lbs. I hated the way I felt, was fatigued and depressed. I decided to lose the weight, which meant by any means possible which sometimes isn’t the healthiest way. 2002 I became pregnant again and I swore it’d be different this time. I would take way better care of my body. This was the start of my healthy inside and out mentality.

Since that start, I’ve competed in multiple triathlons and half marathons. In 2010 I raced in the Boise ID half Ironman, but was still unhappy has to how my body looked. I was in better shape but very soft, no muscle tone, so I transitioned to weight lifting. I fell in love and started competing in figure competitions.

I train a variety of clients ranging from focus to competition prep, post-surgical rehab and obesity management.

You don’t have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great-Zig Zagler

Natashia Dallin

Natasha Dallin knows that a healthy life and a happy life go hand in hand, and loves seeing the positive results that come from fitness. From longevity, confidence, strength, energy and stress relief. Working for Empower Fitness for 6 plus years with continued studying, learning and practicing the science that controls one’s physique and overall well-being though nutrition and exercise.

Natasha received her BS in biology from Northeastern University and was teaching for great basin college science department when she started teaching group fitness classes at Gold’s gym. She started competing in figure competitions shortly after. She still loves the challenge of competing and the thrill of discovering what she is capable of both mental and physical.

As a personal trainer, Natasha knows that the best results in the gym are achieved when a well-constructed and properly executed workout plan, good nutrition and persistence all come together.

Miranda Squire

Miranda was born and raised right here in Elko, NV. Growing up she enjoyed competitive sports and had always tried to live a healthy lifestyle. A move to reno for college and being busy with school work took over that lifestyle.  By 2008 she had put on over 30lbs and started to suffer from chronic fatigue and joint pain as well as weekly panic attacks. After meeting with several doctors and realizing they only wanted to pump her full of drugs she decided to take matters into her own and get back to the healthy lifestyle.  January 2009 she joined a gym in Reno and hired a personal trainer. Over a couple years she was able to lose about 20lbs yet add some muscle. Joint pain was minimal and panic attacks stopped but she was more interested learning more and how to share what has done so much for her. 2012 she went back to school to become a personal trainer herself. She moved back to Elko NV and was given an opportunity to train with Jeff and Mindy Watson at their gym. Miranda has grown to be part of the family here and is an excellent choice for anyone looking for assistance at the gym!

Joanna Golez

Jo Golez is a fitness professional born in the Philippines. She joined the gym when she started college. She has always had goal to achieve a fit and strong body. The training she has done over the years vary from weightlifting, conditioning, and cross training. It wasn’t after training for a few years and doing a fitness competition that motivated her to become a personal trainer. The ideology she lives and teaches is that fitness and healthy living is a lifestyle. A healthy body is a healthy future. She hopes to inspire others to achieve their fitness goals.

“Obstacles are stepping stones.”

Eddie Cortez

Hi my name is Eduardo Cortez or you can call me Eddie. Growing up I faced a lot of issues when it came to being fit. I was never the most talented or the most athletic. I always got picked on because I was chubby and not as athletic as other kids were and also because I’ve had Asthma for as long as I can remember so everywhere I went I always had to bring my inhaler which I wasn’t very happy about. I played baseball since I was about 6 years old all throughout my high school career. When I played baseball my freshman and sophomore year I was one of the chubbiest and slowest kids on my team. So that’s when I finally said enough is enough. So my junior year I enrolled in weights class to help me start getting into shape. That’s when my passion for weight lifting first started. By the end of my high school career I had lost about 20 pounds which doesn’t sound like very much but it was to me. That’s when I decided I wanted to continue to stay in shape and workout on my free time once I started going to college. I never really believed in dieting to lose weight, I always thought I just had to do more cardio instead but boy was I wrong. By January 2016 I had put on a decent amount of muscle but a ton more fat because of my eating habits. I climbed all the way up to 194 pounds which was a lot for only being about 5’8”. That’s when I decided to get special help from my current coach Kelcey Myers who is a personal trainer at Empower Fitness. With the nutrition plan she gave me I ended up losing about 30 pounds in 3 months just by eating the right foods and having a balanced diet. So from then on I thought about doing this for a career because I enjoy helping others reach their fitness goals like Kelcey helped me reach mine so I am currently in the process of getting my NASM certification which is the National Academy of Sports Medicine so I can become a personal trainer as well and help change people’s lives.

Henry Rawdon

Henry(Hank) Rawdon is a personal trainer currently enrolled in course with NSAM and  aspiring bodybuilder. In his training he strives to help any client or gym member in any way he can so that may achieve their goals. While growing up in Ohio in a very athletic family, Hank’s fitness level was not up tp par. After moving to Nevada things got worse. 2012 Hank decided to change his lifestyle and commit a whole year to strictly losing as much weight as possible. After the year, he lost 50lbs! Over the past two years he focused on transitioning into bodybuilding along with personal training all while working full time at Barrick!