5 star review  Ich würde Empower Fitness studio an allen empfehlen. Die Mitarbeitern sind alle freundlich, motiviert, und behandeln alle Kunden mit Respekt. Der Fitnessstudio ist sauber, besitzt auch getrennte Saunen, es biete kostenlosen Wlan und ist 24 stunde geöffnet. Man fühlt sich einfach Wohl dort. Überzeugen Sie sich selber mal an.

    thumb Edde Castillo

    5 star review  I recommend this gym to anyone and everyone best environment amazing workers and a kick butt owner.. If you need help you can ask without being judged... I haven't been in a while but soon enough I'll be hitting the gym every day again. . this is my #1 place

    thumb Briana Weaver

    5 star review  This gym is awesome. Everyone is equal, no matter what size you are, or what shape you are in. The classes rock and the instructors give modifications for people who have physical restrictions. Everyone is happy, motivated, full of encouragement, and eager to help. Even hermits feel welcome!

    thumb Ursula Nonya

    5 star review  I love the atmosphere. All the employees and the owners are really nice and really care about the customers. It's like a home away from home.

    thumb Chantry Harris

    positive review  Empower fitness feels like family! Friendly and helpful staff! I love it so much I am there as much as 6 days a week! THANKS empower for being so awesome!

    thumb Rachel Dunham

    5 star review  Only had a membership at one other gym but after switching to empower no doubt that this where I want to stay. Customers are number one and I myself appreciate that. Let's all remember do our part to keep it tidy and let it be heard it's number #1. Thank you Empower Fitness and all it's staff!

    thumb Efren E Benavides

    5 star review  I love this gym always clean great people!!!!!!!!!

    thumb Tanya Sanchez

    5 star review  I absolutely LOVE Jeff, Mindy and the entire Empower Fitness Family! They know you in the gym and they acknowledge you outside of the gym. They practice what they preach! That's what having a small-town business is all about. ��

    thumb Tera Hooiman

    5 star review  Love working out there great people always treated great.

    thumb Dave Fisher

    5 star review  This is my second home here in Elko! Love this gym family!

    thumb Travis Casper

    5 star review  Excellent gym 5 star for sure. Owners are great people absolutely amazing staff. Recommend this gym to anyone.

    thumb Ethan Fast

    5 star review  I love Empower & the employees. They always make me feel welcome. No matter how long you miss they are there with smiles when you return.

    thumb Christan Chrissy Drew Soto

    5 star review  Such a great place to workout !!! All staff and members are wonderful �

    thumb Yomaira Villegas

    5 star review  By far the best gym in Elko! I've been going here for over a year now and I absolutely love coming in everyday! The positivity, energy, and motivation from every member in here is what keeps pushing me harder everyday to better myself and my workouts. It's an honor to be able to work for the owners Jeff and Mindy Watson. Since day one the staff and the trainers have helped build me up to where I'm at right now. I've started trying out some of the group fitness classes and they are no joke! Yesterday I stepped in to do Bodypump at 4:30pm with Whitney and she definitely kicked my butt! My legs, back, shoulders, abs, chest, triceps, and biceps are all sore! I recommend anyone to step in try out these classes because it's a great way to get a whole body workout while you're making new friends and having a fun time doing it!

    thumb Eddie Cortez

    5 star review  Excellent group fitness classes & feel like home environment

    thumb Darl S. Davk

    5 star review  I at 55 years of age never felt like i do now, an I've also lost over 55 lb I could not be happier although I would like to see the sign back in the window and thank you very much for the new soap dispensers LOL

    thumb Dan Book

    positive review  I feel comfortable working put at Empower fitness. Everyone is friendly, the 24 hour access makes it so my husband can go with me and if I go during the day I can take my kids to the children's room.

    thumb Marti Wilkinson

    5 star review  Awesome gym awesome people what else can you ask for love comein here hell hear more than home a lot of weeks

    thumb Spartan Daniel Ray Payne

    5 star review  Best gym in town! Awesome atmosphere, always feel welcomed by the amazing staff! My girls love going just as much as I do! Recommend it to anyone on any fitness level!

    thumb Rocio Palafox Salaz

    5 star review  I love this gym! Everyone is so friendly there, and so helpful. I just started the Grit class with Wendy and she is such a great, motivational instructor and makes it so fun. HIGHLY recommend them!

    thumb Mindy Arbogast

    5 star review  If I had more stars to give then Empower Fitness and their staff would get them too!

    thumb Eric Tyner

    5 star review  This is our first week there and we love it! Friendly staff and clean facility �

    thumb Kristen Mary Rodriguez

    5 star review  Best gym around, fun atmosphere, friendly staff and always feel comfortable! My daughters love the kids club staff and I know they are in great hands!

    thumb Chastity Harrell

    5 star review  tried them all. Never felt judged here, always friendly and I'm very out of shape and they helped in every possible way. Nothing but encouragement and smiles.

    thumb Lane Soto

    5 star review  I signed up this week and it has been awesome! Juanita spent two days working with me on weights and I'm feeling it today. All of the staff, trainers, and instructors are so nice and helpful that it takes the intimidation out of going to the gym.

    thumb Mackenzie Jeffress

    5 star review  Really great place!!! Feel comfortable and confident at Empower.

    thumb Charlsie Duffy

    5 star review  With the 24 service, I can access at all times. With my schedule switching every month, it makes it convenient. EMPOWER actually has alot of equipment to offer, in return makes for a good workout.

    thumb Steven Dahl

    positive review  This place is great! Anything and everything you need to get into shape or to stay in shape is here. very clean and friendly!

    thumb Jake Callahan

    5 star review  Empower fitness has an excellent fitness group classes 👍

    thumb Darlene David

    5 star review  The classes, teachers, and staff are amazing! Willing to go above and beyond to help you reach your goal and never judging you.

    thumb Michelle Mosley

    5 star review  I had placed an order for their Empower Fitness Elite Pre-Workout, say maybe Thursday or Friday. Jeff had posted a photo about what to use before you workout. I had posted, just kidding him, that I hadn't received mine yet. He posted back, thinking I was kidding, saying that he had sent it. Lo and behold when I got home from work, there were a couple packages on the front stoop! One of those packages was the Blue Raspberry supplement I had ordered. I was expecting it Monday/Tuesday, but no, not with Empower's customer service. Their personal attention to detail ensured that it was sent out immediately, thus I received it sooner than expected! Now if you will excuse, off to the gym...

    thumb Jim Forth

    positive review  Best gym I’ve been to in a few years, everyone is so nice and the classes seem to be challenging for everyone. My kids love the daycare!

    thumb Stephanie Lancaster

    5 star review  Great & Friendly Staff. Clean!! Nothing better....

    thumb Greg Martin

    5 star review  This is the best gym. The owners and staff are amazing!!!

    thumb Vince Levra

    5 star review  Best gym in Elko, clean and the employees are awesome.

    thumb Janet Peck

    5 star review  When I first went to get a gym membership, I walked into every gym in town, one had trashed equipment, another didn't even acknowledge me and when I finally got someone's attention as a possible member they handed me a paper and walked away. When I came into Empower the young lady at the front desk greeted me with a sincere smile, asked if she could help me and answered all of my questions with complete confidence and didn't try to pitch me some bullshit sale. After just a couple days of coming in a trainer named Eddie would welcome me by my first name and a REAL smile, talk about making someone feel welcome!!! Polite members, friendly staff, great price and CLEAN!! Totally worth it!!

    thumb Derek Taper Green

    5 star review  Empower Gym is great and the best gym I have ever been to. They make you feel like you’re a person and not just another number with a dollar sign on your head and the folks who works there are absolutely fantastic and always willing to help or give advice and never too busy to give a hand. They are truly there to make you better. I can take my sons in for a quick work out or I can hit it hard and get to that next level if I choose to. I always feel excited and comfortable when I am there and I leave feeling even better. Just a great place.

    thumb Keith A Ornbaum

    5 star review  This is the best gym I have ever been in! They always have a positive environment and lots of awesome equipment. I have never walked out of there with a bad day! I would recommend this gym to everyone�

    thumb Cage Silver

    5 star review  Great gym, great people, great classes, and Jeff Watson is a great American who really does support the troops. He allows the Marine Recruits to use Empower's facilities to train for boot camp. Nobody else in town supports us like the good people at Empower. Thanks again!

    thumb John Kreutzer

    5 star review  Yeah buddy Empower Fitness is the place to be. No place like home..

    thumb Jeremiah Jones

    5 star review  Love this place!!! Staff is more then happy to help and always very friendly!!

    thumb Tasia Barr

    5 star review  They have gym equipment

    thumb Tiberius Devries

    5 star review  I lovooove Empower! Jeff and Mindy have made such a great atmosphere there and the people that work there also are just amazing.

    thumb Nashali Covello

    5 star review  best place in town for so many things,Good People,Positive vibe

    thumb George Ramirez

    5 star review  Clean and inviting! There's something for everyone at Empower (even crossfitters). Everyone has a great attitude and the staff is very professional.

    thumb Anthony Miles Leader

    5 star review  So everybody has extremely amazing there and everybody really goes on their way to make you feel welcome to show you around they make you feel like they really truly care and that something that I've never experienced before they generally care about your health and your fitness everything is amazingly clean smells good you don't have that sweaty musky smell I would definitely recommend this gym to anyone who is trying to get fit and healthy

    thumb Breanna Ferrin Melendez

    5 star review  Not only a great gym, but amazing owners that go the extra mile for every person that they can. Such a great place to go and fantastic environment to be a part of!

    thumb Victoria Märta Snyder

    5 star review  Love being at this gym! No judgement from anyone! Everyone is so nice there!

    thumb Isabella Marie Grazioso

    5 star review  Mindy is amazing and the staff is so friendly, kind, and very supportive! Oh and Jeff's not to bad either lol!😉

    thumb Gayla Rockwell

    5 star review  Awesome place, awesome feel, awesome people. I forgot my shoes one day and thought I was done (was on my lunch break from work) and Jeff literally lent me his shoes for my workout. I couldn't imagine a better more genuine place to train.

    thumb Glen Ingham

    positive review  Whenever I return to Elko to visit my family I try and get a workout in and like the environment of Empower Fitness. On this visit I was surprised, but happy with the changes that had been made. Staff is always very friendly and has all the equipment I look for in my workouts!

    thumb Cathy Vega

    5 star review  I have several reasons why I belong to Empower Fitness: 1) I love it that I can call Empower Fitness my gym! 2) Miranda, Bri, Wendy, et al., are very helpful and encouraging; 3) it’s clean and 4) open 24/7 (with restrictions).

    thumb Sandra Lea Barr

    5 star review  Love the classes. The instructors are so encouraging.

    thumb Vala Grow Huff

    5 star review  Our vision is to provide a motivating, friendly and nonjudgmental place to workout. Empowering you to reach your fitness goals one day, one workout at a time. Be empowered today!

    thumb Mindy Watson

    5 star review  Well if you miss how it feels to walk into a business and not feel like just another number, this is the gym for you. The staff is always friendly, willing to help and , very knowledgeable. When you walk in this gym these people know fitness from powerlifting to HIIT, they will know how to help you out. I highly recommend going to check it out.

    thumb Rich D Maier

    5 star review  I love it !! Prices are always the same � they provide you with the 24 hour access to the gym � So we can go when ever we want and always feel welcome �

    thumb Jessy Morquecho


    thumb Doug Van Gorder

    5 star review  Today was my first day back in the gym since they switched from golds to empower. Gotta say I was impressed, and I love the fact I can buy supplements there now too. Staff is always friendly, and no one judges you.

    thumb Nicole N Keith Beshea

    5 star review  I never feel uncomfortable here. I love all the people the staff and the music, if I don't have my own. And the owners are absolutely amazing. Thank you Jeff and Mindy.

    thumb Cori Sanchez

    5 star review  Jeff and Mindy are full of skilled information on fitness for mind and body. They are always more then happy to help anyone. Best gym and people in Elko by far!! Thanks Jeff and Mindy for being always being you.

    thumb Cody Morrison

    positive review  Best gym around Best atmosphere, best layout, best... wait, why are you reading this? Stop reading, go to empower and join!!

    thumb Michael Burleson

    5 star review  I feel very Welcomed Here. This is the first time that I felt comfortable doing my thing. So thank you for what you have done... Keep up the Great Work...!

    thumb Shellie Baughman

    5 star review  I would not go anywhere else. I will be a customer for life!

    thumb Tyler Jean Cathey

    5 star review  I agree about all the positive things and Empower fitness does they work with you as an individual put your situations first that’s why I’m back good customer service and thank you Empower for treating us like people we need that in this town you guys are awesome �

    thumb Beverly West Sedivec

    5 star review  Best gym I have every been too. The members help each other. There's no judgment passed between members, employees and owners. We all have a common goal. I personally feel comfortable to the point that this is the one place I go to forget about all my problems and just be. Thank you Jeff and Mindy.

    thumb Jessica Lynn

    4 star review  I have been out of the gym for about a year and a half with a back injury so I am just getting back to it. I have loved working out since I was a kid and then into highschool and eventually even got my license as a personal trainer in 2010. The gym is therapy for my mind and body and so far I am enjoying empower, no one has been overly warm or inviting but I have only been in twice so far...

    thumb Wes Reese

    5 star review  Empower fitness is very clean. They have great employees and owners. It is by far my favorite gym. (: I would like to thank mindy and Jeff for allowing our class to workout at their gym. They're the best!!

    thumb Julie Marie

    5 star review  Never in my life have a been to a gym like empower! It honestly ends up feeling like one huge family once you get in and get to know everyone! The staff is amazing, the trainers are beyond amazing and the dedication they have for their clients is the best! The gym owner himself is unlike any other owner I've met... to be so hands on and face to face with members so much like he is, is a really cool thing to see! This gym has brought me out of my shell, my confidence is so much stronger, and I know when I'm there I can be comfortable! It's all about results at empower! Just like it should be!

    thumb Brigette Lyons

    5 star review  I. In a wheelchair rite now from a leg amputation and I feel as welcome in this gym as I have ever felt everyone is friendly and helps you out anyway they can Jeff is a great guy knows me by first name and never has he not greeted me with a smile

    thumb Charlie Haralson

    5 star review  Love this gym. I never feel awkward. The staff is super friendly. They remember you when walk in the door. The owner knows you and us always friendly. They're all very encouraging.

    thumb Kelli Moon Burnett

    5 star review  Best place in Nevada love this gym the owner Jeff Watson is awesome and the staff is great. High recommend gym to work or to get help with getting your shit right. �🏋�

    thumb Jeremy Ott

    5 star review  Good gym great owners they really care about they’re members feeling welcome and listen to what they want affordable with a great atmosphere�

    thumb Ryan Raymond

    5 star review  Ahhhhh. This place never gets old. From the moment you walk in,to the moment you walk out drenched and smelling like a wet dog. Never better than this!

    thumb Christopher J Roach

    5 star review  Good rates. Decent equipment and friendly staff. Got nothing to complain about

    thumb Donald Thompson

    5 star review  Such a great workout experience and the entire staff is so nice. I'm a sucka for kindness and salutations so I love that whenever I step into the gym or when heading out someone at the front desk always says hi or bye.

    thumb Ruby Red

    5 star review  A top notch gym, and they are always willing to help out their members. It doesn't get any better than Empower Fitness.

    thumb Lucky Kirkendoll Jr

    5 star review  I have never felt so welcome at a gym before. Mindy and jeff make you feel right at home. Jeff even took time out of his busy day to inform me on some good supplements. Thanks you guys!

    thumb Pamela Bronson

    5 star review  I love my gym, Empower Fitness. It is open 24/7 and it is so nice to be able to go into the gym anytime and have everything in its place and not trashed. Everyone appears to be taking care of the equipment and especially cleaning the equipment once they are done. Those are my biggest pet-peevs: cleanliness and orderly. Empower Fitness definitely checks those 2 boxes for me. I love my gym.

    thumb Skip Broyles