Mindy and I were fortunate enough to purchase this club as a golds gym in 2007. We’ve had lots of ups and downs since but tenacity and hustle have proven to be the deciding factor of one’s success. The dedication we have for our members shine through our employees which shine into our club. Our members are the #1 priority and also the biggest joy to have.

We decided to create our own brand in 2015. We called it Empower Fitness. We called it that for a good reason. Not only we see members empowered through our club, we feel empowered running such a healthy amazing business.

Our employees are family and we love them dearly, we laugh and joke through the day but never stopping to realize you the member come first!

Our Mission

We strive to change the way gyms are thought of

We will give every member the attention and service that he or she deserves

We live our lives as an example through fitness

We give back to the local community and make an impact

We offer low and steady pricing to make it affordable for all

We are a family and treat every member as a part of it